Your "Smart" Handyman

As a professional IT Consultant, I am committed to providing the necessary guidance you need in order to take action. From making strategic decisions to understanding what your logical next steps are, I’m here to guide you through any and all processes. With my help, you will transform your plans in no time. Take a look around my site and get in touch to book a consultation meeting.


My Services

Whether you need Handyman services like a new garbage disposal install or a Wireless Smart Home upgrade, I can help.


Hand on Laptop

A Comprehensive Approach

If you don't know where to begin setting up your "Smart Home', you're not alone. The ability to automate and monitor everything in and around your home has grown so fast it's nearly impossible for the average home owner to keep up with the latest tech offerings. Whether you're just starting to look or adding to your existing smart home, JMAC will sit down with you and we'll come up with a design and the right products to make your home as smart as you'd like.



Our Services

Computer, Smartphone or Tablet Setup and Repair
Computer Tutor
Home Network Setup
Audio/Visual Integration
Router/Modem Upgrade
Wifi Range Booster
Wired/Wireless Security Camera Install
IP Security System Install
Smart Lighting
Smart Thermostat
Internet connected device setup

Professional Installation


Smart AND Good Looking

Your smart home should LOOK smart. That's where professional installation comes in. JMAC the Tech Guy can install your wired and wireless devices with a professional builder's skill, that means it's done right and looks great. I also setup the technology so it's ready for you to use immediately. I will guide you through the setup and use of your new smart home devices. I will ensure you have the knowledge and confidence to use them to their full abilities.

"JMAC was Awesome! They had my security system and cameras installed in no time. Then set it all up so I get alarms and monitor everything right from my iPhone."

Deborah Habash

What I like best about JMAC the Handyman was the personal touch he brought. He didn't just set everything up, he actually spent nearly two hours teaching me how to use all this new tech stuff, in a way that was easy for this old man to understand.”

Mitch Smith